2024/02/18 - A message to all of our fencers:

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that 22 of our fencers have qualified for the State Individual Tournament this year.

To the fencers who have qualified, congratulations on making it to the State Tournament! Your hard work and dedication have made this accomplishment possible. All of the coaches wish you the best of luck and we look forward to hearing the results!

*NEW* 2024/02/04 - 2024 NJSIAA District 3 & 4 Championships

  Congratulations to the following fencers for qualifying for the State Individual Tournament

  District 3
Boys' Foil   Charles Moroze   
Girls' Foil   Alyssa Cullen   

2024/01/28 - 2024 NJSIAA District 1 & 2 Championships

  Congratulations to the following fencers for qualifying for the State Individual Tournament

  District 1
Boys' Foil   Joseph Park, Darren Allen Jr., and Theron Rundle   
Boys' Epee   Adrian Matos and Cole Pryor   
Boys' Saber   Yonaton Ivron, Aidan Longacre, and Gerald Hunter   
Girls' Saber   Victoria Vantassel and Simona Brener   

  District 2
Boys' Foil   Nick Dzierzko, Sean Perrius, and Jamie Da Silva   
Boys' Epee   Enaias Olensky and Devin Wehmeyer   
Boys' Saber   Omran Basmook   
Girls' Foil   Bryella Nicudemus and Tala Varoqua   
Girls' Saber   Carmen Bolt-Turner and Hannah Lee   

2024/01/27 - Passaic County Championships

  Girls' Individual Foil
1st   Tala Varoqua   
3rd   Erin Han   
4th   Isabella Mosquera   

  Girls' Individual Epee
4th   Alisha Tumser   

  Girls' Individual Saber
1st   Hannah Lee   
3rd   Audrey Dreitlein   
4th   Clara Kim   

  Boys' Individual Foil
2nd   Nick Dzierzko   
4th   Sean Perrius   
6th   Joe Catalano   

  Boys' Individual Epee
2nd   Enaias Olensky   
3rd   Devin Wehmeyer   
6th   Aidan Gerlich   

  Boys' Individual Saber
2nd   Omran Basmook   
3rd   Markelo Deona   
5th   Aidan Longacre   

2024/01/14 - Bergen County Girls Championship

 Individual Saber
3rd   Carmen Bolt-Turner   

 Individual Foil
3rd   Bryella Nicudemus   

2024/01/13 - Morris County Boys Championship - Individual Foil
5th   Jamie Da Silva   

2024/01/13 - Morris County Girls Championship - Individual Foil
3rd   Aylssa Cullen   

2024/01/07 - Morris Knolls Frosh/Soph Invitational - FY Girls Epee
1st   Siyana Ahmed   

2024/01/07 - Bergen County Boys Championship

 Individual Saber
1st   Yonatan Ivron   
7th   Gerald Hunter   

 Individual Foil
4th   Joseph Park   
5th   DJ Allen   

2024/01/07 - NAC Veteran 60-69 Men's Foil
3rd   John Lawrence   

2023/12/29 - Manchen Friday Night Women's Unrated Foil
2nd   Tala Varoqua   
3rd   Alyson Frio   

*2023/12/29 - Manchen Friday Night Men's Unrated Foil
2nd   DJ Allen   
10th   Jamie Da Silva   

2023/12/16 - Maryland Senior Mixed Foil
1st   Bryella Nicodemus   Earned D2023
2nd   Michael Neichwadowicz